Friday, July 24, 2009

Loves her new house!

Brooklyn and Addies party
Mackenzie, Ryleigh, Brooklyn and Jordan

Micah and Brooklyn on the swing

Brooklyn and Addison at Mackenzies bday party
Addison Cheezin!

Brooklyn and Micah at Jockey Dunes, Outter Banks NC

Our Coppertone Baby

This was at Kitty Hawk! What a beautiful place! Thanks Jenny and Diane!

Brooklyn "posing" as a marine! Thanks for the shirt Micah!

Chillin in the Pool

Summertime Rolls

Well, it has been an AMAZING summer so far!!! Brooklyn and Addison both celebrated their birthdays in May. Brooklyn is now 3 and Addison 1. Mom was able to make it down from Annapolis for the celebration, and thank the good Lord she did!!! We had about 15 kids and 15 adults in our little house, on a RAINY day. Thank goodness there was a little break from the rain, so the kids got to go out and run a bit.

I have made a great friend named Jenny who lives on our street. She has a little boy named Micah who could be Brooklyns male twin. They are truly attached at the hip most of the time. They invited the girls and I to ride along with them to Kitty Hawk in the Outter Banks for a long weekend at her family beach house. We couldn't pass up an opportunity like that. As much as we missed Jon, we did have a wonderful time. It is really beautiful out there. Hopefully we will make it back soon, with the whole family!

Jons mom and dad, Doug and Janet were here from Missouri for 2 weeks in July to celebrate Jon's 36th birthday on the 5th. We always have a great time with them. They brought their boat, and have in-trusted it with us for a while. We found a great place to put in to get to the Intra coastal just minutes from our house. Brooklyn calls it our "Pirate Ship" and loves every minute of it. Addie just hates the life jacket part. We like to park out on the sand bars and have lunch, and play in the shallow calm warm waters there.

Jon is doing wonderful with his new company. He has now been there a year, and has set the company record for the highest number of PERFECT houses in one phase. We are so proud of him. He has now been sent to help with another phase that wasn't going so well.

My good friend Jill was in the area for a family reunion, all the way from Florida. She made the extra hour drive to get to our place. It was wonderful to see her, her baby girl Scarlett and her round belly...due in 4 weeks or so!!!!!! We had a great time catching up on what has happened since we have been away, and all the new and exciting things in both of our lives.

Jon will be off the second week of August, so I am sure we will be trying our hands at boating...and maybe a little skiing for me...maybe! No other major plans as of now, just taking it one day at a time, and living this wonderful life we have been blessed with!